I Have Been Up in Colorado

I have known this guy for a really long time, almost before we started junior high school my family moved in across the street from where his family lived. The guy was always really crazy and it is a wonder that the two of us did not end up in juvenile detention back then. We certainly did more than a couple of things for which we could have been prosecuted. At any rate he struck it rich in girlfriends, his father in law owns a bunch of Vail luxury home rentals among other things of that sort, which is how I ended up in this summer job while I am out of the school teaching business for a couple of months. They are really rich, but you do not get rich by throwing money around. So the father in law was looking for someone to do a lot of maintenance type of work up here. I was happy to do the stuff, because none of it was out of my abilities. If it had been I would have declined. (more…)